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WACO Gives Members Real-Time Shipment Visibility with Bluebox Systems Cargo Tracking Platforms

By October 5, 2023No Comments

London, UK, Wednesday 4th October 2023: The WACO System (WACO) has partnered with freight visibility platform BlueBox Systems to bring members real-time tracking of their cargo shipments in the air and ocean freight supply chain.

WACO members now have access to BlueBox’s two freight dashboards, BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean, bringing real-time oversight of shipment status and flight-related information, including changes to estimated arrival times, enabling them to take corrective action.

“WACO has negotiated on behalf of the network to secure a great deal that ensures all members can offer their customers visibility throughout the entire supply chain,” said Richard Charles, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), The WACO System.

“We look forward to working with BlueBox in the interests of the network and anticipate bringing further digital solutions online in the near future.”

The new software allows WACO members to receive crucial updates about shipment progress and to react throughout the transport process to prevent costly delays.

The system furthermore allows collaboration between members in the network, enabling them to share shipment-related comments and documents with other WACO members.

These can be combined with accurate shipment data from both the ocean and air freight platforms, making it the ideal solution when WACO members collaborate on a shipment.

“The ability for our members to collaborate on shared shipments provides real added value to the WACO network and will strengthen partnerships among members,” added Charles.

The BlueBox dashboards also provides data analytics and collective reports, enabling WACO members to compare the on-time performance of more than 130 different airlines and identify the fastest route for their time-sensitive air cargo shipments.

“We work hard every day to provide the best freight data in the market and we will continue to innovate while adding value to our customers – that’s our commitment,” said Martin Schulze, CEO, BlueBox Systems.

Both WACO and BlueBox Systems are currently working on a single hybrid solution that will combine the airfreight visibility of BlueBox Systems with the ocean freight visibility capabilities of Vizion, a partner of BlueBox Systems.