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Before the COVID pandemic the UK Financial Times reported that critics had argued that the concept Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) was outdated, with many attended by just a few shareholders.

The article was focussed on the investment sector but as we slowly return to normal throughout 2022, there seems that many investors are adamant that, whatever happens in terms of AGMs going forward, issuers need to increase, not decrease, engagement with shareholders.

As was reported in our previous newsletter, more than 100 delegates made the trip to the WACO Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Madrid, Spain, in April this year.

The AGM was a terrific success with both engaging presentations and 1,118 bilateral meeting sessions taking place over the course of three days.

Although our hosts and sponsors provided a terrific backdrop to the meeting, a major reason for the events success was the number of members in attendance.

The attendance figure was over 80% of WACO’s membership.

This attendee number was sure, in part, to be a reaction to the cessation of the COVID pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns across the planet.

As restrictions were removed people’s desire to return to face-to-face meetings was palpable.

Not only did our 2022 AGM benefit because of this, but also the great number in attendance served to remind us of the importance of both AGM and EGM attendance.

The life blood of The WACO system is built on strong communication and binding professional relationships, and for members to gain maximum benefit there is no substitute for coming together, exchanging ideas, agreeing new projects and reaffirming old friendships.

Since its inception in 1973, WACO has championed the independent freight forwarder, but it has been the ability of members to see past working in isolation in their own countries and toward the broader mutual benefits brought about by close collaboration and it is this that has made our network the great success that it is today.

On November 7th members are again meeting to hold the WACO 2022 Meeting in Dubai (further information below).

Attendance is looking even greater, and we can build on the strengths of our members to ensure we continue to offer shippers and importers the most flexible and knowledgeable global freight network.