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Gebruder Weiss to represent the Waco System in east-central Europe

By January 27, 2016 July 25th, 2018 No Comments

Logistics provider Gebrüder Weiss will represent Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Slovakia for the network

Gebrüder Weiss, The WACO System Austria member since 1975, is expanding its representation for the network to include Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Slovakia.

The Austrian-headquartered forwarder offers logistics services globally and also operates a number of specialised industry solutions and subsidiaries including GW Rail Cargo and inet-logistics.

It operates its own offices in all of the new territories it is representing for WACO.

“Gebrüder Weiss was one of the original members of The WACO System and understands our values very well,” said Richard Charles, Executive Director, The WACO System.

“The economies of Central and Eastern Europe showed solid growth last year and the region represents an important and developing market which our network can now serve working with one of the strongest providers in the territory.”

The WACO System is now represented in 107 countries and handles more than 1.85 million shipments a year, including one million tonnes of airfreight.

The network recently introduced a new Associate Vendor membership for suppliers providing critical services to freight forwarders, giving them the opportunity of working more closely with WACO members.

Air charter specialist Chapman Freeborn and on-line freight rate management solutions provider Cargoguide will attend WACO’s General Meetings as part of their membership.

The WACO System members also benefit from strategic alliances with a number of global airlines.

Stefan Eberi 165px2“The Gebrüder Weiss offices in Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia are delighted to join WACO,” said Stefan Eberl, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, Gebrüder Weiss.

“Gebrüder Weiss is looking forward to expanding our business with fellow members.

“Gebrüder Weiss has been in a partnership with WACO in many countries and we are very happy to continue to expand our partnership for the benefit of our customers.”

The WACO System meets twice a year globally, bringing together members for hundreds of bilateral meetings to grow business.